Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks

35 minutes’ drive from La Finca, just outside Benidorm, you will find several of Europe’s most popular amusement parks.

Aqualandia is the biggest water park in Europe. With a great range of water rides, splash pools and other attractions there’s something for everyone to enjoy and have a fun day out. For information and opening times visit

Terra Mitica is an amusement park where your children can ride roller coasters, walk in an ancient Greek labyrinth, sail the Argonauts’ ship, overcome the Nile’s waterfalls and watch the fight of gladiators.A day at Terra Mitica is exciting for the whole family. For information and opening times visit

Terra Natura park is a huge new-generation zoo where a vast and diverse collection of land animals and sea creatures can be seen at close hand. The animals live in enclosures rather than cages, and many of them can be approached. You can also ‘fly’  on a 400-metre zip wire which zooms over the elephants’ valley and gives you sensational views over the whole park. For information and opening times visit

Next to Terra Natura is the Aqua Natura park. Ride the water chutes and artificial waves or relax in the spa or picnic zones and visit a huge oceanic aquarium with a great diversity of multicoloured fish, majestic rays and giant sharks. For information and opening times visit

Mundomar is a marine and exotic animals park, where you can see flamingoes, sea lions, lots of other exotic animals and a dolphin show! For opening times visit

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